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October 2018 Keeping PBF Drainage at the forefront of the CIPP industry

PBF Drainage always prides itself on the use of the latest technology providing environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions to the trenchless industry. 

We are the first company in the UK to have purchased the latest in CIPP curing systems. Bluelight is the only truely tried and tested LED light cure system on the market with over 300,000m of live installs. The installation is still done using traditional techniques but with the advantage of being able to cure glass liners as well. 

The styrene free Vinylester resins are completely odour free, chemical resistant and heat resistant which are ideal for the use in or around buildings that pose high risk of vapours causing an issue such as schools, homes, and hospitals. 

The resins are impregnated into the felt or glass liners in the standard ways but cured using a specialist LED light head that is either pushed or pulled through the liner once it has been inflated and ready for curing. 

Curing speeds of up to 1.6m/ minute are achievable and because the equipment is so lightweight and portable it is ideal for use where access can be an issue, such as railway locations, inside of buildings and highlevel installations. 

We are now the UK distributor for the equipment so as well as installing the liners we are able to offer full equipment sales and liner support meaning we are truly a one stop shop for the new addition to the UK market. 


January 2018 Further investment in mortar spray coating equipment



This year has seen our new spray coating equipment arrive into our depot. Training has taken place and our first job with the new equipment has already taken place.


This new equipment will see us at the forefront of mortar coating, and increase our capabilities to include smaller projects or where access is restricted. All the equipment can be mounted into one of our 3.5t vehicles and taken to site. The mixing and pumping equipment can either stay on the vehicle or be taken out and located where vehicles can’t get to.


The equipment consists of a continuous mixer with built in water control, vibrator and is wheel mounted for easy movement whilst on site, a two speed reversible pump, which allows for fast or slow mortar pumping, and backing of pressure to reduce risk to the operator in case of blockage.


We have also purchased a small wet spray lance which allows us access to smaller areas to carry out coating without the risk of rebound affecting the operator.



September 2017 Prokasro Ultra Violet Light Curing Equipment purchased

Further exciting news for our customers.

We have invested in a new portable Ultra Violet Light Cure rig. The system is a single unit mounted in a specially made cable reel with control panels and computer system mounted on top.  

The entire system weighs 550kg and has lifting hooks fitted along with heavy duty casters to enable it to be taken to virtually any job site.

We can install fully structural liners from 150mm – 1200mm with this system in lengths of 200m which speeds up the installation process and the curing times for the liners, in turn reducing disruption for our clients and the general public.

The system was purchased direct from Prokasro in Germany who are widely renowned for supplying the best equipment on the market. With the help of Simon Little worldwide sales Prokasro supplied us with everything necessary to carry out installations from the day it was delivered.

Having already installed 1000m or varying sized liners we look forward to continuing our increased services offered to our clients. 


July 2017 New Rausch CCTV vehicle arrives

PBF Drainage like the best in life.

We have invested in a new Rausch CCTV vehicle. The camera equipment and reporting computers are all mounted in a medium wheelbase VW Crafter enabling access to smaller sites that other larger camera vans cant get to.

The vehicle is fitted out to an incredibly high standard with full electric lifting hoist for raising and lowering the camera into the chamber, full utility storage draws, wash down pump, night heater and full LED lighting.

The vehicle is equipped with the latest in CCTV equipment and has the ability to survey pipe diameters of 80mm – 3000mm. We can also carry out laser profiling in round pipes up to 1200mm.

The front half of the vehicle is fitted out with full office suite with 3 large screen computer screens for easy viewing and reduced operator fatigue, night heater, drawers and lockers. The entire system runs of internal battery systems which can be charged off the vehicles engine or via generator. 

February 2017 - Another first for PBF with the purchase of a pillow packer

This new type of packer is the first ever in the UK. Designed to install large diameter patch repairs in pipes, this new design allows installation through a standard manhole cover without having increase the size of the access to the pipe. Designed to use traditional materials but install into varying shapes and sizes of pipe diameters. 

2 different sizes are available, for 700mm - 900mm and 1050mm - 1200mm. Trials have now been completed and the first installations have already been carried out with great success.

January 2017 - New camera purchase

The first of its kind in the UK, we have purchased a new camera system to enable our ongoing works with existing and new customers. This new system is a brand new system from Rausch in Germany. This camera system is capable of surveying pipe diameters of 130mm - 3000mm and is fully upgradeable and is designed to keep up with ongoing demands of drainage surveying, fully rugged and portable this unit can operate in all weather conditions and has the new Wincan VX reporting software enabling the latest reporting to be carried out on site if required. 


1st August 2016 - Moved to new premises

Located in the center of Northampton and with excellent access to the M1 motorway these new offices and warehouse is ideal for us. We have been looking to relocate for a number of months but trying to find good quality, premises is not easy.

With a dedicated office area and meeting room, along with the large warehouse we can provide the level of service our customers expect from an upcoming company.


6th September – Picote Finland

After purchasing our Maxi Miller from Picote approx. 6 months ago, and looking to purchase further equipment we decided to take a visit to the factory and workshops of Picote

Spending 2 days going over the various attachments and different items of equipment we learnt a great deal about the different ways our own equipment can be used. We also visited a work site where internal lining of an apartment block is taking place. With over 40 apartments all with 5 separate drainage runs from the sink through to the toilets. Access was tight and difficult working conditions made their own Picote system ideal for this type of work. Overall we were incredibly impressed with their different systems and their skill at tusing the equipment. We will continue to build on our working relationship with Picote.


1st June 2016 – New vehicle purchased

With our ever expanding customer base and larger contracts, we decided to add again to our fleet. The purchase of a new VW MWB High Roof Crafter has made work easier. Installing a new Jetchem 15gpm @ 3600psi jetting unit and having the inside of the van spray lined has provided a perfect vehicle for our works. The front section of the van was racked out and storage put in place for all the camera equipment, and patching materials. This vehicle went straight to work on a 24 hour contract for one of our biggest clients.

Installing full chapter 8 signage and full width beacon bar keeps the operators safe when working on the road side.


26th September 2016 – Another vehicle purchased

A LWB High roof Crafter was purchased to add to our fleet. This vehicle will be put into use on the rehab side of the company. Carrying out patch repairs, full length lining and spray lining techniques through out the UK. It is ideal for the additional space and its comfort in driving. The guys work long hours and often travel hundreds of miles to the job site so we feel that it is important that they are happy with the vehicles they use day in day out. With the biggest engines and air-conditioning driver comfort is improved and makes the crews feel appreciated.