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Support Services


We have built up an excellent reputation with our clients where we support them in their projects either where labour demand is higher than they can provide or where technical knowhow is needed to complete a job within tight deadlines.


These services include, lining assistance where large diameter liners are being installed, manpower is key as weight and long working hours often come into play, UV installation assistance, again UV lining can require additional crew members to assist, technical knowledge is required. Consultancy services, these are used where a company requires the knowledge to be able to carry out the work but does not directly employ their own staff with this knowledge.


Specialist services using customers own equipment. When companies are busy or they lack the knowledge to operate their own specialist equipment, we can transport, and operate most drainage equipment, from remote hose reels, to Ultra High Pressure water jetting equipment, along with specialist cutting equipment used for removing roots, concrete and collapsed liners, we also have a vast array of our own specialist equipment that we can provide with operator to carry out these specialist tasks.