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Patch Repair


This is a sectional repair method, where a full length liner is not needed.


Patch repairs are carried out using a resin impregnated fiberglass matting that is wrapped around an inflatable bladder, this is then pushed or pulled into place and then the bladder is inflated. Once inflated it is left in place until the resin has cured. The bladder is then deflated and removed from the pipe leaving the cured repair in place. This method can be used in all types of pipe material and repair most types of defect.  


We have a full range of packers that can negotiate and repair bends from 70mm - 2200mm all of our packers can be inserted through a standard manhole chamber reducing the need or removing manhole frames when installing large diamter repairs. 


We have succesfully installed patch repairs through large voids within the pipework preventing the need for costly excavations. A normal repair can be carried out in a few short hours with minimul equipment required on site.