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Manhole Chamber Rehabilitation


Manhole chambers can suffer from a multitude of defects including, water infiltration, cracking and Hydrogen Sulphide attack. These can all be repaired using our specialist mortars, specially manufactured in Germany to resist degradation by domestic and trade effluents.


Once a chamber has been found to be defective we can usually carry out full rehabilitation, in a single day. The work entails full high pressure cleaning using rotary cleaning equipment at approx. 4500psi, this will scour the surface enabling a detailed  survey to be carried out. Man entry is then carried out to repair the defects using a combination of rapid set mortars, resin injection systems or grout injection. This stops all infiltration and repairs any cracks present that could result in later failure. The benching is repaired and coated by hand using one of our mortar materials. Once all these remedial works are carried out we then use a centrifugal spray head to coat the chamber walls to the required thickness. This is dependent on the type of defect and the effects it has had on the original construction material.


This method can be used to coat chambers up to 5m in diameter. If non circular chambers require coating we can apply the mortar via a hand hel spray gun, this method is often used where access is not possible for the centrifugal equipment or small chambers that dont require the full set up of equipment. 


The specialist mortars that we use can over come almost all liquids including oils, and acids.