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Full Length Lining


This is a method or repair where the entire length of pipe is lined from start point to finish point. Either manhole chamber to manhole chamber or manhole chamber to main.


This can be done by varying methods, inversion lining, drag in lining, UV lining or even spray lining. Each different method has its own characteristics, and cost differences. We can provide structural liners, cold cure liners, hot cure liner, epoxy and vinylester liners, as well as dimension change and multi bend liners.


The method of lining depends on pipe conditions, access, size and length. We can usually carry out a full length liner within a single shift. 


Full length lining is often the most cost effective and less disruptive method of repair, reducing the inconveniance and mess involved in excavation. 


Liners can be fully structural in design meaning that they are as strong if not stronger than the original pipe material. We use the most up to date equipment available and this provides the client with the best end result, by keeping costs down, production up and providing the best materials on the market. 


We carry these works out in any environment including rail works and petro chemical sites. All of our equipment is portable enabling works to be carried out where access is restricted.